Λευτέρης Αραπάκης, General Director & Co-founder ΕΝΑΛΕίΑ

Lefteris is a Bsc Graduate of Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). He has studied Management & Technology with an expertise in HR. He has worked as a data analyst in Ministry of Development, as a professor assistant in AUEB and as a corporate trainer, having trained more than 1.100 people the past years in soft skills. He is excited about volunteering and that's why he created leadership volunteer's schemes in various NGOs of Greece, such as AIESEC, SciCo and Bloode. The past year he is working as a social entrepreneur by creating Enaleia, the first fishing school of Greece. Lefteris is passionate about unlocking people's potential into society. He is an Angelopoulos-Clinton Fellow and best student entrepreneur of Greece ( 2017) by EO.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lefteris-arapakis-34953563/

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